Friday, June 22, 2012

Just a couple weeks til Avon...

Yep, they fed him...
...and walking has been happening. Day before yesterday we went to San Francisco to meet up with two of my sisters, and we did about 7 miles. It was a comfortable 7, other than my lower back complaining pretty much relentlessly. Everything else was fine. Feet didn't hurt, no blisters...just my back whined.

Today I headed for the outlet mall in Vacaville intending to walk another 7-8, but called it quits at 3, because my back just would not cooperate. What stated with a minor ache whipped itself into searing pain that enveloped my entire lower back and started wrapping around my sides to my front and Motrin wasn't helping, so I decided to stop before it hurt too much to drive home.

I have no idea what it is. This doesn't feel like my typical back pain, where I can feel the grinding in my spine at L4 and L5; this is muscle pain, and I can't figure it out. My shoes aren't worn out, I haven't been carrying anything I normally don't. I'm not sure if my posture is different or not, but I better figure it out fast.

Still, I'm not worried about the Avon walk. It's two days; even if my back hurts, I can handle two days. I will whine and DKM might want to fit me with cement shoes and shove me into the bay halfway through the first day, but I can gut it out.

I'd like to figure it out before then, though.

(80% of the answer is probably lose weight, you moron, because I am carrying more than I was even in Atlanta last October, but still..)

Back or not, I'm looking forward to checking the Avon out and seeing how much I like it.

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