Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sneak Peek


This sucker is slow healing. It doesn't help that I think my shoes are stretched out enough now that they're sliding around on my feet. Every time I walk with shoes on, I'm irritating the toe.

I did 4 miles today and stopped because the balls of my feet were on fire. Several hours later and they're still tender...which leads back to the shoes, methinks.

Good excuse to buy new shoes.

And, a sneak peek at a book cover...

Barring any screw-ups, it should go to the printer tomorrow.

After that, the formatting to e-readers begins.

Fun thing: this book has pictures. The print version has B&W pictures, but the e-book will have color...should really pop on the iPad, Kindle Fire, and other tablets.

All of the profits will be used to fund walks. If not mine, someone else's.


Nurse Kathy said...

Thump are you keeping that blister covered? Get a waterproof bandaid or some tegaderm for it. The scab, itchy-hurtyness and red halo along with the long time healing might just be trying to tell you that it needs to be moist to heal.

Thumper said...

Actually, the night after I posted this, the scab fell off. I bought new shoes so there's less flopping around of my feet... but that did take inordinately long to heal. And I'd be lying if I didn't admit that it was starting to worry me.

I used a triple antibiotic ointment on it the last week or so...so hopefully it needing moisture *was* it, not not something...worse.