Monday, April 30, 2012

Hitting the Hills

Seven miles today.

In San Francisco. For hills.

Went through China Town, headed for Pier 39, shopped, and then walked down the Embarcadero to get back to downtown.

It was more fun than walking should be.

About 3 more weeks to Bay to Breakers...I will be ready.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rockin' the Orange

I think this makes the 2012 Walk Season officially on... DKM and I met up at a park in Walnut Creek for the MS Walk 5K.

Only a tad over three miles, which should normally just be a walk in the park (heh. It was a walk in the park. So, heh.) but come on.

I have to find something to whine about. So I'll whine about the heat. It was supposed to be 60 degrees, but it was 69 when we started and 85 by the time we finished; when it goes up that quickly--in an hour--and you have not enough shade, you get hot.

Thusly, you have the right to whine about it.

So I did.

We walked for friends, and friends of friends. I couldn't remember all the names of all the people I wanted to write down, but I signed up with a really good guy in mind, Mark Carpenter. Vegan Dude. Or Evil Vegan Dude, if the situation warrants.

If you have the print copy of Charybdis, you have one of his photographs. He shot the cover and graciously allowed me to use it. He's also as kind and friendly as he is talented, and he has MS. I'll do another MS Walk, and I'll always walk it for him.

We also walked for DKM's friend Erika, and Jeni and Dean's friend Nikki.

So many good causes to walk for, not enough time to walk them all. I need to get my asterisk in gear and train harder; the Avon Walk is in less than 3 months.

Cool thing about the MS Walk, though...their t-shirts are spiffy, and when you cross the finish line, you get a medal.

So now I have a new reason to find new walks.

Spiffier t-shirts, and shiny things.

I do like my shiny things.

Friday, April 6, 2012

It's a Bouncing Baby Book!

Yesterday I got the proof copy of the print version of Rock the Pink... this is the first time I've included more than a few photos in a book, and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. The pictures are in black and white, but they didn't degrade in printing, which was my worry.

It should pop up in the online bookstores in a week or so, but if you have a Kindle or another reader with a Kindle app (you can get the app for the iPad for free!) it went live today, and is a few bucks cheaper than the print one will be.

 Wanna see? Clicky here.

My only disappointment is that image file size limitations mean that the pictures in the Kindle version are on the small side...but they still pop off the screen on a color e-reader. 

In other news, the scab fell off my toe, which is good because now I'm less worried about it turning green and falling off, or perhaps worse, I can quiet the little voice in the back of my head that was mulling over what slow-healing wounds might mean. It also means I can give my spiffy sandals a try again, but this time I'll cover the rubbing bits to avoid a repeat of the problem, at least until they're good and broken in.

I also bought new shoes...and don't laugh but I was thrilled to be able to get a pair of women's running shoes. My big, wide feet don't tend to fit into anything but men's shoes, but by going up a size, I was able to get a pair of pretty black and blue Brooks Glycerine 9 running shoes.

Size 11.

Yeah, I know. Insert your favorite Bigfoot joke here.

This weekend looks like it's going to have nice weather, so I'm going to rack a few miles up, test out a new Camelbak bladder (I hate using one for the first time...tastes plastic.) And I may have found a portable protein source I can manage...I am really liking Chobani's pineapple Greek yogurt, and if I have ice in the Camelbak I can stick one in there and take it with me. It doesn't seem to bother me and it's filling.

You know it's good when you'd rather have the yogurt than chocolate.

Next week: walking around SF if it's not raining. I need me some hills :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sneak Peek


This sucker is slow healing. It doesn't help that I think my shoes are stretched out enough now that they're sliding around on my feet. Every time I walk with shoes on, I'm irritating the toe.

I did 4 miles today and stopped because the balls of my feet were on fire. Several hours later and they're still tender...which leads back to the shoes, methinks.

Good excuse to buy new shoes.

And, a sneak peek at a book cover...

Barring any screw-ups, it should go to the printer tomorrow.

After that, the formatting to e-readers begins.

Fun thing: this book has pictures. The print version has B&W pictures, but the e-book will have color...should really pop on the iPad, Kindle Fire, and other tablets.

All of the profits will be used to fund walks. If not mine, someone else's.