Friday, March 9, 2012

Walk, Sneeze, Walk, Sneeze

The blooming trees are very pretty, but my nose and eyes don't share my appreciation. I was not alone in my misery while walking today, though...on a stretch of bike path about 300 feet long, I heard several other people sneezing, too.

Today's walk was an exercise to break in some spiffy new walking sandals. Like an idiot, though, I left the house without Moleskin, tape, blister bandages...basically I left with a water bottle and no other supplies that one should take when wearing new footwear.

After a mile I could feel them running my big toes raw, so I headed for Safeway, bought some blister bandages, and then went to McD's to get a drink and slap the bandages on. Another quarter mile proved that wasn't enough so I added more...and by the time I got home I had blisters on the upper part of each big toe, the sides, and the ball of each foot.

Very bilateral...I shouldn't have tried to break new sandals in on that long of a walk. I did a little under 5 miles and probably should have gone home after 1 and switched to shoes.

Live and learn.

In other news...Cafepress pulled my "Save Second Base" design because apparently someone has that trademarked, as well as "Save the Boobies." Sorry about that.

And I may be migrating this to a new server, so if the blog disappears for a few hours, it'll be back. The design might change, too, but just a little...

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