Sunday, March 4, 2012

Getting My Walk On...Sort Of...

I am having a hell of a time getting myself motivated to get off my asterisk and take a few walks here and there. In the back of my brain is a little voice that keeps whispering, "The walk isn't until July..." and I'm trying to not listen to it, but...

Yeah, I keep listening to it. I want to stab it in the ear with a Q-tip, but then I would suffer the pain of that, and I'm so not about the pain.

Plus, there's the Bay to Breakers run (I am walking) in May; it's only a little over 7 miles and I can do that, but I still need to get my feet ready for it. And I need to get some hills in because a big chunk of that sucker is uphill. Both ways. In the fog. With naked people.

One of those last three statements carries quite a bit a truth to it.

I will not be one of the naked people, thankyouverymuch.

I can be bought, however; for the right donation to my breast cancer walk fund, you can get me to dye my hair just about any color, get me to walk it in purple camo (let's reserve pink for boobie thingies, ok?) pretty much anything that won't impede my walking or make me overheat.

But, back to actual walk stuffs... I did get outside for a while the day before yesterday and did a fairly easy 5 miles around the outlet mall (where it was apparently Frankenwalker Day...I have never seen so many brand new walking tiny people in one place before.) That's all flat, and I stopped because, honestly, I got bored.

In other news, there are now t-shirts and other assorted merchandise available...I opened a Cafepress store with some Rock the Pink items, as well as Save 2nd Base, Rock the Walk, and Real Mean Wear Pink. And within a week or so I'll have the promised temporary tattoos.

Well, I have some temporary tattoos now, but there were color issues and they came out purple. Since purple is the color for general cancer awareness, I'll find a use for them.

Hey, there we go...I can walk the Bay to Breakers in purple camo with purple temp tattoos and purple hair.

For a price ;)

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DKM said...

Thx for not walking naked.