Monday, March 19, 2012

10 Days Later...

Pretty, eh?

This is from 10 days ago, when I had the bright idea to break in the spiffy sandals on a 5 mile walk.

I knew the sandal had chewed my skin a bit, but at first it looked like a popped blister and I figure it would heal like one.

Then it got itchy, scabbed over, and the skin around it turned red. I thought I was facing a nasty infection and checked it several times a day, ready to bolt to the doc, but it never really got worse than this. Just redder.

Still, I figured by now it would have healed and I'd be back to trying to break in those sandals, but i'm guessing that wouldn't be my brightest move.

Maybe next week. I really want those sandals to work out. We may go to SF this week and walk the hills if the weather cooperates, but I suppose I'll be doing it in shoes.

There's two months until the Bay to Breakers and three and a half or so until the Avon walk...so far no one has asked me to do anything outlandish but one of you sent me some purple camo pants anonymously. Step forward, I just might wear 'em for something!


Sleepypete said...

Forgetting the bigger stuff with my leg, I still have a bit of a mark from walking into (and causing a cut) a concrete flower pot thingy ... From 9 months ago !

Hope your one goes away quick so you can get pain free miles in :-)

Might be worth taping it over (might be enough room for small plaster) so the tape takes the rubbing instead of the toe. I always have to resort to that when breaking in new work shoes, as there are bumps on my achilles tendons that always get rubbed raw by new shoes.

Urk - that reminds me, I'm in for a bit of hell when I break in the cricket spikes I need to buy !

Karen said...

I would say cover it with moleskin or something and put on some socks and walk around the house with the sandles. That should stretch them a little and break them in for you