Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Not Just For The Pink

A good way to kick off a walk season...walk for MS.

Next year I want to participate in the MS Challenge Walk, but DKM was walking the 10K with a team from work and said I could join the team, so I joined! It's less than a month away, but I can do 10K.

So far this year, then:
April 22 MS Walk
May 20 Bay to Breakers
July 7 & 8 Avon Walk for Breast Cancer

We'll see what else, based on how my feet hold up :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Prizes, Peoples! Prizes!

You want one, you know you do.

The Amazon Kindle Fire.

Store 6000 books. Listen to music and audiobooks. Watch a movie or TV show. Browse the web. Read your email.

This 7" tablet is loaded with options, and it could be yours.

For every $5 you donate, you have a shot at winning one of TWO Kindle Fires. The more you donate, the more chances you have!

Bonus: your donations are tax deductible. And who would you rather have that money, Uncle Sam, or the people who are fighting breast cancer?

Donate directly to my fundraising page at Avon, and you're entered to win.

Already donated? You're already entered! And I love you! Well...maybe not you. You know who you are. But the rest of you, totally! ;)

Winners names will be drawn on July 1, 2012 at approximately 8 p.m.

Monday, March 19, 2012

10 Days Later...

Pretty, eh?

This is from 10 days ago, when I had the bright idea to break in the spiffy sandals on a 5 mile walk.

I knew the sandal had chewed my skin a bit, but at first it looked like a popped blister and I figure it would heal like one.

Then it got itchy, scabbed over, and the skin around it turned red. I thought I was facing a nasty infection and checked it several times a day, ready to bolt to the doc, but it never really got worse than this. Just redder.

Still, I figured by now it would have healed and I'd be back to trying to break in those sandals, but i'm guessing that wouldn't be my brightest move.

Maybe next week. I really want those sandals to work out. We may go to SF this week and walk the hills if the weather cooperates, but I suppose I'll be doing it in shoes.

There's two months until the Bay to Breakers and three and a half or so until the Avon walk...so far no one has asked me to do anything outlandish but one of you sent me some purple camo pants anonymously. Step forward, I just might wear 'em for something!

Friday, March 16, 2012

We Have Tattoos!

After some color issues, I finally have the temporary tattoos available! These are terrific for teams to wear during their breast cancer walks, and they're also great for handing out at fundraising functions, as a thank you gift for donors, or to hand out to runners and walkers at any breast cancer event.

I have 5,000 to start with, and can get more.

You want some, you know you do! Heck, buy 'em off me and turn around and sell them at double the price. We can all make money! Just don't rip off the idea, because I'm in the process of trademarking and I really don't want to have to get all stabby on anyone ;)

I also have on hand 2,000 purple ribbon feet tattoos; purple is the color for cancer awareness ribbons, great for when you participate in a Relay for Life or other cancer awareness events.

Quantities in blocks of 10

It's Walk Season, folks! Help me raise $1800 toward my first event this year, the Avon Breast Cancer Walk in San Francisco on July 7 & 8!

Really don't want any tattoos? You can still donate directly to my fundraising effort on the Avon Walk site--which makes you eligible for future prizes (they are coming!) and donations made through the site are tax deductible.

To donate, click here!

I have to admit, the asking for donations is my least favorite part of this whole thing...but think of the tax deductions, peoples! It can make a big difference on your taxes for this year! AND you help save the boobies!

(I have no shame, really...)
(Seriously. I can be bribed into things. Remember the pink spandex from last year? The pink hair? I WILL DO THINGS!)

And one last thing...a teaser. Thumpa be writing a book. The royalties from it will all be used for fundraising. If I've met my goal, then they go to other walkers. and maybe, just maybe, one of the upcoming prizes might be used to read this book electronically...

Saturday, March 10, 2012

New Domain

New URL = awabbitwalking.com ... the blogspot URL will forward to the new, but feed readers may need to be changed...

Friday, March 9, 2012

Walk, Sneeze, Walk, Sneeze

The blooming trees are very pretty, but my nose and eyes don't share my appreciation. I was not alone in my misery while walking today, though...on a stretch of bike path about 300 feet long, I heard several other people sneezing, too.

Today's walk was an exercise to break in some spiffy new walking sandals. Like an idiot, though, I left the house without Moleskin, tape, blister bandages...basically I left with a water bottle and no other supplies that one should take when wearing new footwear.

After a mile I could feel them running my big toes raw, so I headed for Safeway, bought some blister bandages, and then went to McD's to get a drink and slap the bandages on. Another quarter mile proved that wasn't enough so I added more...and by the time I got home I had blisters on the upper part of each big toe, the sides, and the ball of each foot.

Very bilateral...I shouldn't have tried to break new sandals in on that long of a walk. I did a little under 5 miles and probably should have gone home after 1 and switched to shoes.

Live and learn.

In other news...Cafepress pulled my "Save Second Base" design because apparently someone has that trademarked, as well as "Save the Boobies." Sorry about that.

And I may be migrating this to a new server, so if the blog disappears for a few hours, it'll be back. The design might change, too, but just a little...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Getting My Walk On...Sort Of...

I am having a hell of a time getting myself motivated to get off my asterisk and take a few walks here and there. In the back of my brain is a little voice that keeps whispering, "The walk isn't until July..." and I'm trying to not listen to it, but...

Yeah, I keep listening to it. I want to stab it in the ear with a Q-tip, but then I would suffer the pain of that, and I'm so not about the pain.

Plus, there's the Bay to Breakers run (I am walking) in May; it's only a little over 7 miles and I can do that, but I still need to get my feet ready for it. And I need to get some hills in because a big chunk of that sucker is uphill. Both ways. In the fog. With naked people.

One of those last three statements carries quite a bit a truth to it.

I will not be one of the naked people, thankyouverymuch.

I can be bought, however; for the right donation to my breast cancer walk fund, you can get me to dye my hair just about any color, get me to walk it in purple camo (let's reserve pink for boobie thingies, ok?) pretty much anything that won't impede my walking or make me overheat.

But, back to actual walk stuffs... I did get outside for a while the day before yesterday and did a fairly easy 5 miles around the outlet mall (where it was apparently Frankenwalker Day...I have never seen so many brand new walking tiny people in one place before.) That's all flat, and I stopped because, honestly, I got bored.

In other news, there are now t-shirts and other assorted merchandise available...I opened a Cafepress store with some Rock the Pink items, as well as Save 2nd Base, Rock the Walk, and Real Mean Wear Pink. And within a week or so I'll have the promised temporary tattoos.

Well, I have some temporary tattoos now, but there were color issues and they came out purple. Since purple is the color for general cancer awareness, I'll find a use for them.

Hey, there we go...I can walk the Bay to Breakers in purple camo with purple temp tattoos and purple hair.

For a price ;)