Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dean says I have 2 right feet....

Really. He did. On Facebook. And Dean knows about feet, so we clearly have an idea what my problem is...

A picture of my foot with a picture of my foot
I finally got in to see a podiatrist today to have my foot checked out a little more in depth than my primary doc was comfortable with. He probably should have been more comfortable because he nailed the diagnosis and what to do about it: rest, anti-inflammatory meds, let it heal.

The good news is that it's healing up nicely and he thinks I'll be good to go by the time we leave for Disneyland. As long as I don't do anything stupid, he doesn't see a reason to not go (and he seems to be a Disney fan, got very excited when I mentioned it, and thinks we should go no matter what...because there's always wheelchair rental and that gets me to the front of the ride line! LOL)

He did a lot of manipulating of my foot, and says I have a good range of motion, though he could feel where the ligament was messed up. He was also impressed my how strong my feet are (and for some reason I was vaguely proud of this) and spent a lot of time showing me how my foot functions as I walk, how the ligament was affected (nothing I did or didn't do; sometimes this chit just happens) and there was no lecture about continuing the walk after I felt it pop.

So, yay.

He also confirmed that the kid at Fleet Feet was right: I have high arches. And he wants me to give the orthotics a try again, but this time take the time to get used to them. Hell, the ones he recommended were the same as what the kid at Fleet Feet sold me. He also played with my shoes a bit and believes I'm in some really good ones and my foot prep and blister care is on track.

Basically...let it heal so that we don't have issues in December, but everything looks good. No permanent damage, no stress fractures that he could see on the x-ray, nothing broken.

The only downside? I put the orthotics back in my shoes, went to Walmart for about 20 minutes, and now my back is screaming at me.

So, phfft.

We'll see. At least he never said I was nuts for doing the 3 Day...


Camie's Kitties said...

Glad to hear that your foot is healing, and glad to hear that the podiatrist liked your feet.


Journey to DALLAS! said...

Why would anyone say you were nuts? One might say YOU'RE AMAZING!