Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ya, I guess it does...

More than once I heard (and read online) that participating in a SGK 3 Day is a life changing event. "It will literally change your life."

And because I am sheep, I've parroted the line a few times myself, but it really hit home today.

You should know, I've always had a visceral reaction to the color pink. It's always been a deep down disgust, bordering on stupid it's been so bad. Neon pink, I've been fine with and learned to like. But pink-pink?


No thank you.

But today a box of t-shirts came in the mail; a week or so ago Woot had packs of 5 t-shirts at an abnormally low price, and I ordered some for the Spouse Thingy. The thing is, one did not get to choose the colors of the t-shirts one would receive.

One of the shirts in the Woot box was a light pink t-shirt.

He looked at them and said I could have the pink one if I wanted, and instead groaning and sticking my tongue out at it, I grabbed it.

I wanted it.

If that's not a major change for me, nothing is.

In other news, my spiffy Vibram funky 5 finger shoes do not provide a cushion against banging a toe against a heavy metal object.

You know, that toe.

The one that I broke a month ago.

The one that has a bump on it and still hurts.

Yeah. Not my brightest move to date, and is proof that housework--I was sweeping--is evil and best left to professionals.


G.G. Mueller said...

But toe shoes are soooo comfortable. At least for me. They are great for walking on the beach cuz I can go in the water anytime I want!
As for cleaning, I have succumbed to the professionals. Spouse does a lot because he is home but, except for the cat room, the rest is for the cleaning team. Four women, 2-1/2 hours, once a month. Strips the place of all cat and dog hair and other miscellaneous grung.

Thumper said...

We're seriously thinking of hiring someone to come in a couple times a month...I suck at housework and there are some things I refuse to touch, like the Spouse Thingy's bathroom.

He has to clean that up before we get anyone over here for an estimate, though...

The Furry Bambinos said...

I know what you mean about The Pink. As a teenager, we all rebelled against wearing it. That continued into my adult life, but between you, The Food Lady, and Skeezix, I have a renewed appreciation for it.

Plus I love to plant pink flowers in my garden - impatiens, roses (Gertrude Jekyll), bleeding heart, tulips, ...

Mom Sue to The Furry Bambinos and Assorted Fosters