Monday, September 5, 2011


All those names... and right after I took the picture and got online to upload it, there were two more waiting for me that have now been added (and you might note I left a letter off one name but that's been fixed...)

It's too many names, doods.

It's heartbreaking so see so many, and know that it's just a few.

I still have to put all the names on the cape and on a backup shirt...but I needed to take a moment to breathe deep and swallow the lump in my throat.

And for those who knew Sue Jackson, please understand why I'm carrying her name. She mattered to so many in the cat blogosphere, and in Max's apt words, "Cancer is such a bitch."

Any cancer.


Roses said...

Thank you, Thumper.
I see my mom on there.


Just Ducky said...

Good to see my family and friends will have your back for this weekend!

We agree with having Sue's name on there, any cancer is a bitch.

Christie Critters said...

Thanks for carrying Sara Thompson again this year. Eyes are moist all over our office as I show them the picture of your t-shirt.

Journey to DALLAS! said...

There's my mom ... right at the top of your shirt.
Thank you Thump.
I'm so proud of you. This is only the first leg of your journey ... I'll walk by your side on the second leg in Atlanta.
You're my hero!
Have a great walk!

dustyninjacat said...

Thank you Thumper. I saw my grandmother's name. Good luck to you during your walk.

Stacie said...

Awesome! Thank you for carrying my special people; including my best friend, Sharon. I wish you much strength and stamina!