Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tackling that hill and those stairs again

This is kind of image heavy...click to biggify the pictures.

Today seemed a really good day to head back to San Francisco and tackle the two places I dreaded the most: the hill leading from Ocean's Beach past the Cliff House, and those stairs in Land's End.

I look thrilled, don't I? We were about a mile away from the hill, and I was so obviously looking forward to it.

I dunno.
It seemed a lot more intimidating on the Walk.
A lot more intimidating.

Partway up, we peeked over the wall to the beach below,
and this guy was having a good time playing in the waves.

Three quarters of the way up, and it wasn't bad at all. What I don't know is if that was because I had only walked about a mile instead of 9 before getting to the hill, if the walking sticks made the difference, or both.

Either way, the first thing I wanted to face again turned out to not be such a big deal.

Into Land's End...he's smiling because he hasn't seen The Stairs yet.

 The Stairs.
133 of them.
The Spouse Thingy wasn't thrilled, I don't think.

 Halfway up, looking back.
Oh, and you people who can run up these stairs. You suck. ;)

Almost to the top...

...and on the other side, on the way down to a spiffy path with nice views.

 Like this one...
 And this one...

Back down the stairs. Much easier than going up.

And on the way out, near the Cliff House, you get to see stuff like this.

All in all we did about seven miles today, most of it non-flat terrain that was pretty much what I wanted as a good training walk. I got inclines and declines and uneven paths to navigate. I got to try out my walking sticks, which I think worked pretty freaking well (and we'll see how I feel in the morning, since they worked my shoulders, too) and I got to show the Spouse Thingy Ocean Beach.

Places like this...this is why I love living out here.

There are a lot more pictures of today and the awesome scenery on Flickr [clicky clicky]

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