Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Oh goody! It's SCHWAG!

Last year Roses, she of the funny-assed blog ACK! THBBT!, made several knit caps to kick off my fundraising efforts. Every stitch done by hand, and to quote myself from last year, “Roses is filled with Teh Funny. Sometimes her posts are very short, but nearly always make me snicker. When her sister was diagnosed with cancer she managed to inject a little funny into it...and thus was born the Lily Livered Sister's Cancer Hats.”

Cancer is a bitch, peoples, any kind of cancer.

This year Roses has donated 3 even more awesome hats. She sent them quite a while back, but I’ve been sitting on them, waiting for the perfect time (well, that and I have an emotional hard-on for the strawberry hat and hate giving it away, but I can be a grownup about it) and that time is now.

We’ve got schwag, my friends. Five reusable pink bags filled with pink goodies, and 3 of those bags will come with something extra, something incredibly special: a Roses’ Lily Livered Sister’s Cancer Hat.

Inside each Komen 3 Day bag (which is also a backpack, one of those funky new kinds with the strings for straps that all the cool kids are using now) is:

  • 2 pink Moleskine journals
  • 1 pack of 2 pink Komen gel pens
  • 1 3 Day Keychain
  • 1 tin of 3 Day Mints
  • 1 breast cancer bracelet
  • 1 pink Komen sweatband
  • 1 pair of hot pink shoelaces
  • 1 Komen mini-Maglite
  • 1 hot pink 4GB USB flash drive

You want the schwag, you know you do. And for this, we start from scratch. Anyone who donates to my Atlanta 3 Day Walk between now and October 25th—two days after the end of the walk—has a shot at a pretty spiffy hunk o’prizes. Cash value (minus Roses’ invaluable caps) is about $60 for each bag.

Here’s the thing, too… you guys have been really generous, and I’m just a tad over $750 shy of reaching my minimum for the walk. So as much as I’d like big donations, I also don’t want anyone to feel like they don’t have a shot…so with this one, it’s one entry per donation, minimum $5.

And as always, your donations are tax deductible.

It’s for the boobies, people, all for the boobies.


las794 said...

I hope you make it over the top fundraising! Take care of yourself before the second walk, you glutton-for-punishment, you.... :)

P.S.: Yer awesome.

Journey to DALLAS! said...

You will most definitely reach your goal ... FOR THE SECOND TIME!
You are amazing!