Friday, August 5, 2011

Hahaha I'm EVIL!!!
Today's intended 12-15 mile walk was thwarted by, I think, a freaking bee.

Yesterday the Spouse Thingy and I went for a bike ride and stopped for lunch; within 5 minutes of getting back on the bike to head home I started feeling not-so-wonderful.

I spent the rest of the afternoon feeling incrementally worse, was in bed by 11 pm, and slept--other than getting up to pee and get a drink--until almost 11 this morning, and still felt like krapola.

Then this evening I realized I had a sore spot and looked...and then pulled put a stinger.

I'm guessing it was a bee, but I didn't get nearly as sick as I have in the past...no horking up of the toenails, just some unpleasantness and feeling like carp. I don't go into anaphylaxis, so it's less of a worry than bees are for most people with allergies, but still. Not fun.

If I'm feeling a little better tomorrow I'll go for a shorter walk.

If not...missing a few days won't do me in.

OTOH, I kinda want to get a long walk in and towards the end I want to try a new thingy I have for hot spots, Elastoplast. Supposedly it sticks better than Moleskin.

Yeah. I want a hot spot.

Go figure.


Motor Home Cats said...

Sorry to hear about the bee sting. My mom was allergic and my brother is too, so he has to carry an epi pen when he's out in nature. I'm glad to hear that you aren't that allergic.


Journey to DALLAS! said...

I had a funny "feeling" (pull, strain,) in the groin area yesterday so I'm going to take a day off today.
OTOH ... I would like to visit the swans again.