Monday, August 8, 2011

Taking Names for 2011

The cape for 2011
In one month we'll be headed for San Francisco and the host hotel we're staying at the night before the start of this year's 3 Day.

I have a new cape this year, and as I did last year I'll wear it on at least Day One...but it's blank, peoples.

It needs names.

It needs the names of the people you love who have fought breast cancer, those you want remembered for the battle, and those you want to honor for the victory.

Whether on my cape or on a t-shirt, those names will go with me every step of the way, and carrying them would be my honor.

I still have last year's cape and t-shirts, and will write those names on it... as much as I'd like to think that there are no more to add, I suspect there are.

So please, allow me to carry the names of the people who mattered to you, who fought like hell against a disease that seems so unfair all the way around. Just add them in the comments, and onto the cape they will go.

This means you, as well. If you're reading this and you're battling breast cancer or survived it, please let your name go onto my cape.


Motor Home Cats said...

I'd like 2 names on there please - Barbara Knappenberger - who has fought breast cancer and survived twice; and Jeanette McCord, who sadly lost her battle in approx. 1986.



Stacie said...

3 names
Sharon Doughty
Carol Swanson
Charissa Nelson

All three were diagnosed this past year. All three are fighting hard and doing well.

Thanks again for all you are doing to bring awareness, and hopefully someday, a cure to this horrible,life changing disease!


Just Ducky said...

Barb, Chris and Mary. All survivors!!!

Anonymous said...

Kathy Garner, Gaffney, SC, lost her battle with cancer on June 2, 2006

Journey to DALLAS! said...

I will be walking for these survivors ... but you can carry them with you, too
Muriel Kessler
Cynthia Berman
Bea Cordle
Phyllis Solomon.
Thank you my friend.

Anonymous said...

Priscilla B. - she's a survivor!

Books, hooks, needles, and my weightloss journey said...

LuGean Egbert, G'ma Egbert fought and eventually lost in the late 70's.
Thank you

Andrea Fuentes said...

Carol Bailey (survivor)
"Miss Donna" Martin (lost in mid 80s)

Thanks Karen, if it's not too late.

Thumper said...

I just made the shirt, but there's room still...I'll add them!