Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Last Long Training Walk Until the 3 Day

We headed for San Francisco so that I could get in one last decently long training walk before the SGK 3 Day. We checked the weather and it looked good for today; 65 degrees and very low wind.

Still, we weren't exactly surprised when we approached the Golden Gate Bridge and it was enveloped in fog. That didn't make getting out of the car at the Pier 39 garage any nicer...we were both in shorts and t-shirts, and if not for the track jackets I'd shoved in the car, we probably would have had a lot more choice words to say.

But, it's San Francisco. Mid 50s there is like 40s here, and we knew once we got moving we'd warm up and at some point we'd see sun.

One of the walks I've wanted to make for a while is to walk from Market Street to the Golden Gate Bridge and back. That's fine for me, not so fine for the Spouse Thingy. So we started at the Pier and headed back towards the GGB, a little over 6 miles away.

Once we got to Marina Green, we started seeing a little bit of sun and had warmed up a little bit. Instead of walking along the street we walked along the marina, and this little guy was sitting there, not bothered one bit by the people around him.

He was a reluctant model at first, turning his butt to the camera, but the Spouse Thingy was persistent and managed to get him to practically pose.

We headed for Crissy Field and walked the promenade path, and gradually lost the sunshine. As we got closer to the GGB, it got colder and wetter.

Yes, my cargo shorts are tres spiffy. They add 15 pounds, but what the hell. They're comfortable and hold a lot.

Except warm.

They didn't hold a lot of warm.

We stopped at the Warming Hut, just a little short of the Bridge. I was keeping track of distance and we were at 5 miles by then, and was starting to think of the Spouse Thingy's feet. He's done 10 in a day before, but that was downtown with lots of stops and starts and sitting down.

This was pretty much continuous, so we turned around and headed back for Pier 39.

The sun was out on Marina Green again, but the wind was pretty stiff.

Note the wonderful hair day I was having.

Not to mention, the way it blew my shirt made for bigger boobs...

We stopped just before the Pier so that I could grab a burger, then I left the Spouse Thingy at the Pier with his Kindle, and empty stomach, and lots of fishy places to choose from for his lunch, while I kept walking.

In order to get the same Market to GGB basic walk, I headed down the Embarcadero, but went a little further than Market Street.

I have no idea what this is, but it was just past the Ferry Building.

Someone's personal escape pod?

Old bomb gone wrong?

Whatever, it was shiny.

I headed toward the Bay Bridge, with a little voice in the back of my head saying I should go to AT&T Park, but then I realized I really didn't know how far that was or if it was a good idea even if it wasn't too far.

I got to this thing and figure it was a good place to turn around.

Nope, don't have a clue about it.

Lots of people hanging out around it, asking for money. In a 2-3 block span around it I was hit up twice as much as I was in the preceding 12 miles.

By the time I got back to the Pier I was at 14...went past it a way, wandered into a Walgreen's looking for Second Skin, helped some older couple who wanted Benedryl but couldn't find it, then went back for the Spouse Thingy.

For some reason, he was tired and napped off and on during the 2 hour ride home.

Nope, he was not driving.

All in all, I got about 16 miles in, he got in 10 (which is freaking good for not training for it.)

From here on out I think it'll be all maintenance walks, 10 miles or fewer. No sense risking blisters and the like at this stage of the game.

10 more days!

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Journey to DALLAS! said...

You are AMAZING! I am so proud of you! I can't believe your first walk is just around the corner!