Friday, August 12, 2011

Just shy of 15 miles

For a while today I harbored thoughts of doing 18 miles, but a late start combined with heat ended that notion. I didn't leave the house until after 11, stopped for lunch at 7 miles, frozen yogurt at 10, and was feeling decent still and another 8 was not out of reach.

Seen on a truck just before I stopped for lunch...it made me giggle a little...

But then I hit 13 miles and the heat was starting to get to me, and I couldn't find any shade to walk in, so I headed towards home.

At 14 miles, just a mile from home, I thought I was in serious trouble. Nauseated, breathing hard, gut churning...I had deep enough doubts about being able to cover the last mile that I tried calling the Spouse Thingy, even though I knew the sound on the phone in the bedroom was turned off.

The only thing to do was press on...but when I hit the door I was about 3 different kinds of blah, and when the Spouse Thingy got up just fifteen minutes later, he strongly suggested I get into the pool to cool off.

Half an hour later, after twenty minutes in the pool and a few in the shower, i actually feel human again.

But definitely...this year the heat is my enemy, and the blisters not so much (though I did pop up a small one today, but some Second Skin covered by Elastoplast and it's fine.)

I'm taking tomorrow as a rest day, maybe hop on the bike for a bit.

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Journey to DALLAS! said...

Just lost that fabulous comment ... Here it is abbreviated
11:00 too late
Raining here ... no walk
U R my hero
The end