Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It had a/c...

The nice thing about the mall on a hot day--air conditioning. The downside to the mall on any day: it gets boring going round and round.

But that's where we headed today; the original plan was to go into SF again, but I was having medication issues and frankly, the idea of driving that far was kind of cruddy.

So, we went to the mall and walked, racking up 5 miles.

Not too bad.

Things were on sale.

Money was spent.

But not at the Apple store, where temptation was strongest...


Roses said...

I attempted the mall walking thing when I was pregnant with Elder Son. Three interesting things happened to me:

1) A guy at the shoe store stopped me on one pass, told me my shoes were crap, and tried to sell me a new pair with a better arch.

2) One of the stores was going out of business. On every pass, I eyeballed the inventory until I saw a giant brass vase that I wanted. I watched that store increase its discount every other week and finally bought the vase when it hit 75% off.

3) After my maternity leave, I got a phone call at the radio station from some folks at a bar/restaurant who regularly called in requests.
"Did you have a boy or a girl?" they wanted to know.
I hadn't announced on the air that I'd been pregnant. "How did you find out?"
"You walked around the mall. We were taking bets on the baby's gender."

Just some things to think about next time you have to do the a/c thing again. ;-)

Thumper said...


I walk around the outlet mall a lot...it's gotten me a couple of discounts in the Jelly Belly store and in the New Balance store.