Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Feeling mostly human today

Other than being tired--and that thanks mostly to Max, who felt a deep need to have a conversation with me every 45 minutes last night--I felt mostly good today. About 95%. Good enough to hit the gym and spend an hour on the treadmill.

While the Spouse Thingy headed for the weights (without warming up...yeah, I know...) I headed for the treadmill. I plopped my iPad down and opened the book I've been reading and started to walk...

...and got to half a mile and realized I didn't have a whole lot of oomph in me.

In fact, my endurance was pretty much nil. At this point on the treadmill, a little over half a mile, when I've increased the belt speed, I'm usually just starting to get into my groove, not looking for a way out of it.

A quick HR check...20bpm over normal.

So, maybe I'm not quite recovered, and maybe I need to give myself a few shorter walks before jumping into a long one.

I'd intended on a longish one tomorrow. Instead, we're going to Six Flags where I can get a good 5-7 miles in, but take lots of breaks.

There's one month to go...I don't want to do anything stupid, but at the same time I need to really kick it into high gear.

Goal is to be able to do 12-15 one day this weekend. Well, to do it and not cry.


Journey to DALLAS! said...

Haven't walked over 10 miles yet ... And that 10 miles was a long time ago. Feel bettrt!

Journey to DALLAS! said...

Better ... Duhr!