Sunday, August 7, 2011


I haven't walked since last Tuesday when I flitted around SF in pink spandex. Still feeling like krap, though today's krap is less like being run over by a truck and more like having been beat up by a wayward gang of ticked off 10 year old kids. I'm sweating like I'm at mile 15 of a 20 on a warm day, my head is spinning, I'm sleepy...which means I'm probably getting better.

But still...haven't been able to walk, not even a little bit on the treadmill.

Even if I feel spiffy tomorrow, I know better than to push it, which means Tuesday at the earliest. And a week off my feet means it's probably not going to be the fastest or most fun of walks when I do get to it.

I'd originally wanted to head back to SF next week and walk along the Great Highway, but we'll see.

Only a month to go...I really don't need to be in a not-training mode at this point.


Black Cat said...

Oh, feel better soon! Sure you've not been overdoing it?

Journey to DALLAS! said...

Take care of yourself. You will be ready to walk ... WHEN you're 100%!