Friday, July 29, 2011

A wee bit short...

Half an hour before it opened...nice and quiet...
I left the house this morning intending to walk 17 miles; that's what's on the schedule, and I wanted to get out there and walk it today rather than wait for tomorrow, because tomorrow it's supposed to hit 100.

I headed for Vacaville and the outlet mall because they have covered walkways, which means shade, and they have lots of air conditioning.

I made use of that a few times, especially as it pushed into afternoon and the temperatures started going up.

My pace was decent, too, and I was making good time until I was shanghai'd into helping an old lady in the restroom, and then I lost time to waiting in line at Subway. The line was long, but I didn't have any real food options, and I had no way of knowing that one of the 15 people ahead of me was going to order 10 sandwiches.

From miles 10-12 I started feeling the heat, and decided 15 was going to be the limit today. The last 3 miles took longer than usual, mostly because I kept wandering into stores for the a/c (and some shopping. I bought things.)


96 degrees when I finally stopped.

That's enough...

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