Monday, July 18, 2011

New Kicks...

I was reminded last night that it's time for new shoes; there's just enough time to get 2 pair properly broken in for the 3 Day, and getting them now--on a week when the highest mileage day is 8 miles--is a good time.

So off to Sports Chalet I went, intending to just get the exact same shoes I've been getting. I got lucky, and the kid working shoes is the one who knows her stuff. She took one look at what I was wearing and pointed out the changes Brooks has made in the model I favored.

Not that those changes were a bad thing, but they might affect what ultimate decision I made.

Brooks Adrenaline  GTS 11...in size WTF?
While I tried a pair on (and they're a new color and I wanted them I really did because they were RED) she grabbed another pair of the same brand, but a different model. Instead of just selling me the $130 running shoes I was going to buy, she had me also try a pair that's intended for better stability. And she shoved some inserts in...which I wasn't thrilled about because I've tried the exact same ones and they were not impressive.

She grabbed a different size, one that is slightly bigger, and damned if that didn't make a difference.

But the shoes...they both felt about the same on my feet. I walked back and forth and really didn't feel a difference. Both fit well, both were comfortable. So I asked her opinion--given that I wouldn't be running, just racking up a lot of walking miles--which she would recommend.

She recommended the stability pair.

The ones that were $30 less.

Since I was buying two pair, that saved me $60 right off the top, which effectively made the inserts free.

Tomorrow I'm intending on 5 miles in the morning which should give one pair a nice gentle start, followed by an hour in the pool, after which all calories burned will be blown with popcorn at the theater.

Wednesday we're planning on heading into SF to walk some hills, presuming my back is up to it.

There's only 53 days until the SF 3 Day... FIFTY THREE!


Marti said...

Inserts were sold separately? What are they called?

Thumper said...

Superfeet orthotics

Journey to DALLAS! said...

My NB are stability and I find that I don't bump into people as much when I walk.
Get your asterisk out of the house.
That's inspiration!