Saturday, July 16, 2011

Almost done...

Today's 15 is, so far, only 13.5, but I'll finish up on the treadmill in a little while. I was going at a really good pace for a while, right around 17.3 min/mile and knocked off the first 9 faster than I usually do, and that's when I made my mistake. I took a break (my 2nd, actually, the first just to change socks and get a drink) and knew I needed food, but because I can't seem to eat the burgers anymore, and had no idea what I could eat without it ripping right through me, I settled on frozen yogurt.

Now, that was refreshing and all, but it wasn't enough. At 12 miles I realized I was starting to feel not so fresh, so I ducked into 7-11 to grab a diet 7-Up (I do take water with me...I drink more if I stop for soft drinks, because deep down I am only 12 years old...) That helped for about .25 miles, and I realized I needed to head in the direction of home.

I turned one corner and saw this guy:

At first I thought he was up there nekkid, and thought about turning around and going in another direction, because that was not going to be an attractive view. But then I realized he did indeed have pants on, and kept going, quite relieved that my senses weren't going to be assaulted by a major crack violation.

I pushed on toward home, thinking I would just lap the little park around the corner from the house until I had 14.8 miles on my spiffy GPS, because then I would have 15 when I hit the door, but I got to the park and realized I might actually be in trouble. The temperature was only about 80 but I was feeling seriously overheated, queasy, and my head was starting to hurt...so straight home from there it was. I was right at 13.5 when I got through the door, and the last mile and a half will be easy enough on the treadmill.

I'm sitting here with the a/c going, and sooner or later I'll have enough energy back to get up and get a sandwich or something.

I could be eating now if the cats would serve me...


Nurse Kathy said...

From now on please resist the urge to get a DIET soda when you are suffering from such a lack of energy. You are burning the calories, get the soda with carbs. And...13.5 miles rocks!

Thumper said...

Yeah, I was thinking I was just thirsty and didn't think about calories because I'd had the yogurt. Clearly that was not enough.