Friday, July 1, 2011

3000 calories burned, 2 pounds gained

"Wow," the girl at the gym's check-in desk blurted, "I bet you lose crazy weight doing that!"

What she meant was: all that training for the 3 Day must result in a ton of weight rolling off (so why are you still fat?)

We got on the topic while waiting for someone to come to the desk and fix an issue with my locker rental (as in, they rented one locker to two people. So they assigned me a new locker, but when I got into the locker room, I discovered that getting locker #117 when there are only 110 lockers is a raw deal) and she asked about the training.

I described the training, and that's when she guessed it was a great way to lose weight.

Ah, no. At least I didn't. I went into it last year thinking I would lose crazy weight, but the crazy thing that happened was not losing a freaking thing. I didn't blow the diet part of the deal; I just didn't lose weight.

In fact, I'm 18 pounds heavier this year than I was this time last year. I am assured, however, by one of my docs that this is because I had to stop taking growth hormone (getting to the age when cancers are a reality given family history; going off it seemed the better idea) and when you make zero HGH on your own, you lose lean muscle mass. When you lose lean muscle, you just don't burn fat as well. Thusly does your weight increase.

Still...I do have hopes for losing some weight this year. Between the walking and swimming I'm hoping I do burn some body fat. At this point, I'd be very happy to just get back to where I was on January 1st 2010. Very happy.

But based on experience, I wouldn't count on the walking part of training for the SGK 3 Day as a way to lose weight, especially if you're not getting your heart rate up, and not doing the cross training (I didn't) and not dialing in your diet to optimal nutrition.

On the schedule for tomorrow is 13 miles. We'll see...it's gonna be wicked hot tomorrow.

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Journey to DALLAS! said...

You know Thumper ... I like your attitude. I read your last post and totally agree with you. If it was just us ... We could take the sweep van for SIXTY miles ... Heck ... ONE HUNDRED TWENTY miles ... But every time I read the messages of support sent with the donations made to SGK I think I will put up with the freakin pain for everyone who believes in me!
You're some kinda wonderful!
You must lose a lot of weight doing this!