Thursday, July 21, 2011

They got the hots!

Boston forecast
Tomorrow is the kickoff of the Boston 3 Day.

This is the forecast for tomorrow in Boston.

100 degrees, but it'll feel like 110.

1) I'm glad I'm not walking in Boston.
2) When I saw that, I got a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach for the people who are walking in Boston.

If you're one of them... oh, man, please take care.

While they're sweating bullets and drinking profusely on the first day of their walk, I'll be wandering around Vacaville, I think, getting 8 miles in before hitting the pool.

Oh, yeah, I'll be thinking about the Boston walkers, and I swear I won't whine about how hot I am.


I did hit the treadmill at the gym for a while today and then got in the pool (where I got bitched at for splashing a kid); I found a nifty waterproof heart rate monitor I can wear while swimming, so I was able to track how hard I work out in the water.

Short answer--the same as when I walk. I seem to have this heart rate zone that I stay in, right around 70% of my max.

Which, considering my age...that's not very high.

Oh, and my calves ache from yesterday's hills. Not whining about it, just stating a fact.

Oh, and I'm taking back those new shoes. They are not the right ones, after all.

Oh, and...nothing.

Keep cool, Boston.

Oh, and...


Journey to DALLAS! said...

YAHOO!!!! I am so proud of you.
Gotta get the RIGHT shoes. Wish you could come here. I would take you to Mark! My shoes are perfect for me. (and I am not easy to fit!)
I hope Atlanta will be comfortable walking weather for us. You know I don't like to whine.

DannJ said...

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