Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Return of the Stink

Yep...I'm back to smelling ammonia after a long sweaty walk. Clearly, this means I need more carbs on board. So I really should stop at the donut place along the way. And maybe on the way back, too.

This was from yesterday. Apparently I walk at nearly 4 miles an hour without breaks.

I knew that 10 miles seemed a little long.

Could be, too, that I forgot to turn the Garmin off when we were done, and it recorded the distance between the outlet mall and home, and I didn't notice it for about an hour.

I prefer to think I killed that nearly 20 miles.

On tap for today was 6 miles. It was cloudy when I headed out, with the potential for more rain, so I wore a sweatshirt...I should have factored humidity into it, because by the time I stopped for s short break at mile 4, I was overheated and nauseous.

Fifteen minutes in Mickey D's and a large Diet Coke later, I was fine...took the sweatshirt off and headed out for the last two.

And promptly overestimated where I'd need to go to get 2 more miles. I only overshot it by half a mile, but my ego was wounded. I should know distances by now, right?


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