Thursday, June 30, 2011

Holy fwying wabbit twacks, Batman!

It's going to be hot this weekend. Oh-holy-hell hot. The kind of hot that makes people curl up in a whiny ball of please-don't-let-the-a/c-die-today and offer up their first born kids to make sure that doesn't happen. Predicted highs are over 100, somewhere between 101-104, but as far as I'm concerned once it's over 95, it's whine-worthy-heat. Hell, let's be honest, if it's over 85, I'm complaining

The training schedule calls for 13 miles on Saturday and 9 on Sunday, and I'm thinking "Ehhhhhh...maybe."

I'll get up as early as I can force myself on both days and walk until I'm uncomfortable, but I'm admitting it up front: if I don't hit my mileage either day, I'm not losing any sleep over it. I'm getting into the experimental frame of mind, anyway. I know I can walk 15 miles. It's not even a "Well, I might be able to walk it;" I know I can. And I'm 99.9% sure I can do it three days in a row, barring injury.

Magic socks!
What I need most is to condition my feet for it--the rest of me can do it, but I imagine my feet might have something to say about it--and to build on my own endurance so that I'm not so beat up by the end of the San Francisco 3 Day that I can't recover in time for Atlanta.

I ordered a dozen more pairs of the spiffy Wrightsocks double layered wonder-socks to help keep my feet happy. So far this year the socks are the only special thing I've done to my feet--no Glide, no antiperspirant--and I've only had one hot spot. I slapped Moleskin on it and it never did blister up. I carry the Glide on my longer walks just in case, but so far the socks alone seem to agree with my sensitive tootsies.

I've also been hitting the pool at the gym and swimming. Swimming slowly, for sure, but a mostly non-stop (I have stopped for like 10 seconds a few times for some water) freestyle stroke that seems to be helping my walking pace.

I need prescription goggles...
This morning I walked 5 miles and then hit the pool and swam for an hour. The key thing for me here is that the 5 miles was an easy walk, and at the end of the hour I still could have stayed in the pool for another half hour or so. So the plan now, in the interest of continued conditioning, is to walk every day for 5-6 miles, then swim, and only do one long training walk.

As my cardiac conditioning improves, I'll probably add the Street Strider in there a couple of times a week (because as I've learned, that's one hell of a workout, and I'm not in Strider shape...) We're also planning on heading into San Francisco at least every other week to walk the hills and get ready for that.

It was suggested to me recently--and surprisingly by more than one person--that I should approach this whole thing knowing that I can always jump in a sweep van and skip chunks of both walks. Like, why work out so hard?

Well, if I was footing the bill for the whole thing myself and doing it just for kicks, I'd be all right with that. But a whole bunch of you have donated a whole bunch of money, so I damn well better be doing what I can to be able to walk 120 miles in 6 days.

It's one thing if something happens and I have no choice but to hop in a sweep van; it's a whole other thing if I have to do that because I didn't prepare well enough. I did have to skip 2-3 miles on day 2 of last years' walk; we were nearing the end, heading towards the hill from hell leading back up to the Golden Gate Bridge, and there were serious doubts about whether or not my back and feet were going to be able to handle it. Roberta pointed out the nearby sweep van and strongly suggested it. So yes, I did take one last year. I'd like to not take one this year. I know now what parts of my body were most affected; I'm hoping to condition myself into being able to tackle that mother of a hill this year.

It's your money, folks. So far you've chipped in for me to walk my furry little ass off in San Francisco, and I have high hopes of getting at least half the amount for Atlanta.

But...if it's over 100 this weekend, I may  be curled up in a ball on the sofa instead of pounding the pavement, byt you can bet I will do everything I can to be in the shape I need to be...even if it is still round.

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gizzylaw said...

I have no doubt that you will be ready and that you will walk every inch. I BELIEVE!!!