Friday, June 10, 2011

Have feet, will walk

Online check-in for San Francisco has begun. Ya know, provide medical information, give them your insurance stuffs, take the safety quiz (don't tell anyone, but I didn't watch the video. Still got 'em all right...) buy towel service, and pick a tent mate.


This year, I will not get a tent to myself.

This year, I will tent with a snorer. Now, I've told him to NOT snore, but you know men. They never listen.

But. we're both checked in and now just have to wait for the hotel info to pop up on the 3Day site, and I have to keep walking. I really feel like I could do it right now, if the route were flat. I need some hills...I envision many days in San Francisco to walk them, plus the gym has an incline trainer and I may give that a whirl.

As of tomorrow...90 days!

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