Saturday, June 25, 2011


Last year I battled blisters. By this time I was trying to figure out how to protect my feet and failing in a fairly spectacular style, what with getting blisters under my blisters and going through Moleskin the way I would have liked to have gone through chocolate.

This year the feet are holding up; today I realized I had a hot spot around mile 7 (out of a planned 12) and slapped some Moleskin on it, and it was fine.

Not me...I sweat way more than that...
This year, my battle is going to be with heat.

We went to Six Flags a few days ago and spent the day just walking around, chewing through five miles of blacktop. It wasn't even a hot day, but I had to stop and seek shade a couple of times because the heat was getting to me; the first time we caught the Shouka whale show and reveled in the shade and the nice breeze that kicked up, and a couple of hours later we ducked into the dolphin show...where the was no breeze but plenty of shade, and during which I almost told the Spouse Thingy I needed to just go home. I felt a little queasy and very twitchy, and wasn't sure how much longer I could take walking around the park.

By the end of the 20 minute show, though, I felt much better. He got us another drink, we sought out the little shack that sells mini-donuts, and then walked back to the front of the park to grab my new pink cape.

I felt really wimpy when I checked my phone and the weather app said it was only like 72, but the Boy assured me later it was in the mid-80's. And being in a place where we were walking on blacktop with little shade, I didn't feel too bad about getting overheated.

But then came today and a planned 12 mile walk.

When I took off it was 65 degrees out and there was plenty of shade to walk in. I immersed myself in an audio book and mindlessly wandered around town, and was enjoying it quite a bit, because the book is Craig Ferguson's "American on Purpose" and he's reading it...it's funny as hell. A very good way to pass a few hours.

At around 5.5 miles, though, I started feeling the sun beating down on me, and decided to head for McD's and their wonderful $1 large drink. I could take a break there, enjoy the a/c, and I'd only need 5 more miles after that.

I hit the door at 7 miles, took a 20 minute break and then went outside to take care of my feet (because really, I am not gross enough to do it inside the store) and decided I had cooled down enough, and off I went.

I couldn't find any shade to walk in.

The more I went on, the more miserable I felt. After a mile, I headed in the general direction of home because I was starting to feel like crap. Queasy and twitchy. Irritable. I went into Safeway and bought some Gatorade, but that didn't help much.

I continued towards home, reasoning that I can walk the streets around the house and kill off the rest of the distance, or failing that, I have a treadmill.

At 9.5 miles I was near the house, and there was no choice...I had to go inside. I was close to painting the sidewalk in grape Gatorade, and my gut was churning, which meant I risked painting the pavement on much worse.

So here I sit, trying to cool down, annoyed as hell because it's only 84 freaking degrees outside, and I got overheated.

I'll finish the last 2.5 later, either on the treadmill, or I'll wait until the sun is starting to go down to walk outside.

On tap for tomorrow is 7 miles; hopefully I'll get out a little earlier and get it done before I lose the shade, or I'll head into Vacaville and walk there, where I know there's plenty of shade around the Factory Outlet Mall.

I want to finish the book, after all...

Edit...my pedometer has me at 11.5 miles. Believe the GPS, or the pedometer? Hmm...


Andrea Fuentes said...

Good luck!!

The Furry Bambinos said...

That's interesting about the discrepancy between the GPS and the pedometer.

You're smart to listen to your body - overheating is no fun and not good for you. I have the Craig Ferguson book and it is funny as hell! I bet hearing him read it is a scream. Do you get looks from people as you walk and laugh to yourself? ;-) Although in this day and age of cell phones, they would probably just think you are on the phone.

Mom Sue to The Furry Bambinos & Assorted Fosters

Journey to ATLANTA! said...

Believe 11.5!
I'm glad your feet are holding up ... But feel bad about your body temp. Could it be the big "M"?

Thumper said...

I wish...I'd like to get that over with, ya know?

Journey to ATLANTA! said...

Perhaps you need more rats in your diet.
Just sayin'.