Saturday, June 18, 2011

3 to go...

I got started later than I should have today, but when I did get my asterisk out there and walking, I was motivated. I was going at a decent 17.2 minute/mile clip (which for me is pretty speedy) and was really feeling it. But today also must have been Be Out With Your Puppy Day, and I cannot resist a puppy that shows an interest in saying Hi to me.

Not one of the actual puppies I encountered today...
In the first hour and a half--time enough to walk five miles--I was stopped by at least 6 different puppies, each demanding to sniff my fingers and then have me scratch behind their ears, so by the time I took my first break I was only at 4 miles.

No biggee. Sometimes you just have to stop and scratch a puppy.

But then it started getting warm. I walked another mile, started feeling not so hot and decided I needed fuel, so I stopped again to eat, and presumed all was well. I was fed and well hydrated, so it was time to knock off the next 7 miles.

Except...that little burger was not settling well. Kinda like last week. So I think I need to find something else I can tolerate on my walks. I kept going, thinking sooner or later that burger would have to find a spot in my stomach to just settle, but by then it was a bit warm and I was away from shade.

At a little over 7 miles, I was close to my car and decided I stop for a while. I'll go back out after it cools down a bit for the last 3 miles.

Tomorrow is 5 miles...I think I'm going to ride out to the gym, park my bike and stow my gear in a locker, and walk in Vacaville. After I'm done, unless it's way too crowded, I might jump in the pool for a bit, or at least soak in the hot tub for a few.

Presuming I remember to take a swimsuit.

I don't think they'd appreciate a nekkid Thumper in the hot tub...

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