Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm melting...

It's hotter than fark here right now, so even though I should have walked today, I did not. I might walk tomorrow, though said walking will likely take place at Six Flags (because that totally counts) but today was for swimming.

And not in our cheap plastic round pool in the back yard. One, you can't really do laps in it. Two, it's a lovely shade of green right now and the idea of getting into does not appeal to me.

The pool at the gym, that appealed to me. So we braved the heat going from the house to the car (because truly, it was melt worthy. Like almost 100. Almost. We are weenies...) and then from the car into the gym, and I was actually able to get a lane to myself.

That was nice. No trying to share a lane with anyone, no trying to swim around the Spouse Thingy.

Now, the nice thing about the swimming, aside from enjoying it, is that I'm already noticing a benefit to my cardio conditioning. My pace is a little faster--not a lot, but still noticeable--and when I do push I don't feel like my heart is about to pop.

And that is a very good thing, having  a non-popping heart.

It looks like the weekend will be a little cooler, so getting out there for 12 on Saturday should be fine as long as I get my asterisk out of bed early enough.

That...that my be my downfall...

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