Friday, May 27, 2011

OK, We're getting serious now...

I've been babying my back the last few weeks, hoping to get to a point where I wasn't still fighting the pain left over from my little winter oopsie last December. I've walked, but not nearly as much as I should and certainly not according the to SGK Training Schedule.

I finally had a few days of relatively low pain, so today seemed to be a good day to jump into it; the schedule calls for this weekend's long days to be 8 miles one day, and 6 the next. Six is no problem; I've done it. It's a comfortable distance, though I've been ending those six mile days with a whole lot of Motrin and one or two nights that required Vicodin to be able to lie down and sleep.

It's all prep for this lovely view...
I headed out this morning with eight planned, but I made sure my route would allow me to cut it short and be home around six if I needed.

Funny enough, at about 3 miles I needed Motrin, but not for my back; my knee was cramping. I was right by Safeway, so I went in and bought a bottle, and dangit wouldn't you know that you're not supposed to take it on an empty stomach, and mine was certainly empty, and Solano Bakery is right there...

That was a tasty donut.

In any case, the rest of it was pretty uneventful. By mile 5 I was pretty sure my back was going to hold up just fine so I headed away from home, stopped at mile 6 to make use of McD's facilities, and then took the long way home. I hit the door at about 8.3 miles, and while I smell like I walked 8.3, I don't feel like it.

Next up: I joined a gym that's opening up in nearby Vacaville. They're going to have Yoga classes M,W,F at 11 am, perfectly timed for me, and I think that will be really good for my back and overall toning. They'll also have dedicated circuit training, which I enjoy (I hate places that have a circuit but it's not dedicated to it, so the gym rats hog the equipment and you never really get to do a circuit...) and all the other assorted gym stuffs.

I'm under no illusions; I no longer take growth hormone and have lost a lot of lean muscle and regaining it might be next to impossible, but I'd like to get in as good of shape as I can. I'll probably never hit the weight I want, but if I can get back to where I was this time last year (once I stopped the HGH, I regained a few pounds. Sucks, but it is what it is...) I'll be happy...for a while anyway.

Tomorrow...six miles.

Piece o'cake ;)


Roses said...

Mmmm... cake.

Journey to ATLANTA! said...

Piece o' cake baby. Piece o' cake!