Monday, May 30, 2011

Did someone say "Prizes?"

Why, I believe it has been mentioned once or twice.
The final details are still being worked out, but here's a tease...

I am way behind on starting my fundraising, but there will be a 16GB Nano, An Amazon Kindle 3 w/3G, and a 1st generation 64 GB 3G iPad.

$5 gets you a shot at any of them.

Drawing date, etc, will be determined soon.

Gotta get going, though, because I'm $2200 behind on a $2300 goal... (if you already donated, you're already entered...)

Friday, May 27, 2011

OK, We're getting serious now...

I've been babying my back the last few weeks, hoping to get to a point where I wasn't still fighting the pain left over from my little winter oopsie last December. I've walked, but not nearly as much as I should and certainly not according the to SGK Training Schedule.

I finally had a few days of relatively low pain, so today seemed to be a good day to jump into it; the schedule calls for this weekend's long days to be 8 miles one day, and 6 the next. Six is no problem; I've done it. It's a comfortable distance, though I've been ending those six mile days with a whole lot of Motrin and one or two nights that required Vicodin to be able to lie down and sleep.

It's all prep for this lovely view...
I headed out this morning with eight planned, but I made sure my route would allow me to cut it short and be home around six if I needed.

Funny enough, at about 3 miles I needed Motrin, but not for my back; my knee was cramping. I was right by Safeway, so I went in and bought a bottle, and dangit wouldn't you know that you're not supposed to take it on an empty stomach, and mine was certainly empty, and Solano Bakery is right there...

That was a tasty donut.

In any case, the rest of it was pretty uneventful. By mile 5 I was pretty sure my back was going to hold up just fine so I headed away from home, stopped at mile 6 to make use of McD's facilities, and then took the long way home. I hit the door at about 8.3 miles, and while I smell like I walked 8.3, I don't feel like it.

Next up: I joined a gym that's opening up in nearby Vacaville. They're going to have Yoga classes M,W,F at 11 am, perfectly timed for me, and I think that will be really good for my back and overall toning. They'll also have dedicated circuit training, which I enjoy (I hate places that have a circuit but it's not dedicated to it, so the gym rats hog the equipment and you never really get to do a circuit...) and all the other assorted gym stuffs.

I'm under no illusions; I no longer take growth hormone and have lost a lot of lean muscle and regaining it might be next to impossible, but I'd like to get in as good of shape as I can. I'll probably never hit the weight I want, but if I can get back to where I was this time last year (once I stopped the HGH, I regained a few pounds. Sucks, but it is what it is...) I'll be happy...for a while anyway.

Tomorrow...six miles.

Piece o'cake ;)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Unintentional Six

When I left the house at 11:30 (after an internal debate about what I wanted to do more, walk or ride my bike) I only intended to walk 5 miles. I figured 5 today, 5 tomorrow, and start cross training next week.

I had a plan, peoples!

But then I got out there and realized I was hatless...I left my Skeezy hat sitting there on the sofa, and walking just doesn't feel right without it. I almost went back, but by then I was a mile and a half out, and figured that since I was only going 5 miles and it's not especially hot today, I would survive.

At 3 miles, I really wanted it. Sweat was running into my eyes, the top of my head was hot, and it felt like tiny bugs were crawling through my hair. I even ran a comb through it and checked, but thankfully, I was not carting critters around Dixon.

And then stuff started going through my head. I was stuck on wanting my Skeezix hat, and stuff just started forming in there.

To the tune of Jesus Loves Me

Skeezix digs me,
This I know
For the CB* tells me so
He sits there nice upon my head
So at mile ten I won't be dead.**

Try having that stuck in your head for a couple of miles.

I stopped for a Diet Coke at McD's since it was along the way (and to make use of the facilities...that's important, yes it is...) and checked my distance.

4.75 miles.

Still 1.5 miles from home.

So much for jst doing 5 today.

I hit the door at 6.25; my lower back is screaming at me so I'm not sure I'll get on the bike this afternoon. We'll wait to see it the Naprosyn takes effect.

Still, it was a nice 6.25 miles, with sunshine and the not-too-warms...

*Cat Blogosphere, in case you were unaware of this awesomeness
**'Cause, you know, Skeezy on my head prevents sunstroke and dying halfway though the day...