Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Well...I may have to take my word back...sort of...

OK, last year I said that if I met my goal weight, I would wear head to toe spandex at the following Bay-to-Breakers race. Not only have I not come anywhere near my goal weight, I've gained a few pounds. But, that's really neither here nor there. I'll be at the B2B, and I'll dress like a freak in exchange for a realllly good donation, but it won't be in this:

Oh yeah. Hot pink head to toe--covering everything, including the face--catsuit, courtesy of the sick, sick mind of Ian Murphy, with a little too much help from his better half Char.

Now, here's the thing... I have no shame sometimes. If I thought that I could use this thing to get a chitload of donations, I would vow to wear it at the B2B, or at least the first day of the SGK 3 Day. And that's what the Murfs had in mind. Aside from sticking it to me, that is.

The problem is with the suit design. It covers my face. It covers my feet--which is a problem in terms of blisters. It covers my hands. It's spandex, which means that as I sweat, it's gonna stick to me like toddler-flung snot. But the most important thing...peeing. This would make those potty breaks problematic. And having Diabetes Insipidus, that could be a major issue for me.

Plus, I would overheat in it.


The Murfs don't give up so easily. Because Charlie was afraid that the catsuit would not be delivered in time (since it was coming from freaking CHINA) she sent something else.

Hot pink running tights.

That's still spandex, folks. Combine that with a hot pink t-shirt, black gym shorts, and another cape... let's just say I will feel like I'm standing out like a sore thumb.


If I can reach my donation goal by my birthday--that's $2300 by August 26--I will wear my hot pink superhero costume for at least the first day of the San Francisco SGK 3 Day.

If I reach it before my birthday, highest donor gets to decide what color I dye my hair...hot pink? Bleached blonde? I'll do it for a wad o'cash. And you bet there will be photographic proof.

Oh, and there will be prizes again this year. So stay tuned...


Gemini and Ichiro said...

You make this SO tempting for the Woman but she's running around like crazy this year and just isn't sure she's supposed to do this!

Journey to DALLAS! said...

YOU ... in PINK ... from HEAD TO TOE!!!!
Jeter and I are laffin an laffin!

Journey to DALLAS! said...

um ... is your blog background color pinker than usual?
Just wonderin'.
Please come to Atlanta.
What else do you and Curt have to do at the end of October??????

Journey to DALLAS! said...

I mean the "spouse thingy!"

Thumper said...

I don't think Curt wants to go walking with his mom and Mike is taking time off for the SF walk so he won't be able to get it off in October.

Atlanta is not off my radar... mulling over finances and walk/crew...

Unknown said...


Undr said...

Thump, if you do 2 walks this year, I will buy you the pink tiger striped tights ;) I know you want them.