Sunday, January 16, 2011

...And so we begin again...

All righty now. After a few months off, more time than I intended due to a few injuries, it's time to get back into training mode. This year the San Francisco 3 Day Walk will be September 9-11, which gives me, um, 8 months to get ready? Eight and a half?

Math is hard.

My training this time around will probably be a little different. I have weight that I have to get off my body, and during all the walking last year I didn't lose a freaking thing. My diet was decent, so that leaves the calories burned, and obviously I wasn't burning enough, even though in the end there I was pushing 45-50 miles a week.

This year I may not do the massively long back to back distances that I did last year; instead I'm throwing in some harder cardio work--Trikking and I now have a Street Strider--and I may add weight training. That's a big maybe. That's a "we'll see how the change-up in workouts go" kind of thing.

I will get some long days in, because face it, you have to be able to do 20 miles in one day. The feet need to be acclimated to it. But I know too many people now who don't stick to the "official" training schedule--they make sure they have the 20 mile endurance and that their feet have toughened up--and they do just fine.

I had actually vacillated about doing it this year, trying to decide if I wanted to walk again or volunteer as crew, but I feel the need to walk. The Spouse Thingy is going to volunteer as medical crew, because face it, as much as they need warm bodies out there walking, they need trained medical perhaps a little bit more.

So. Onward.

Today's pavement pounding: 3 miles. Good enough start, considering I'm only a few days out of roughly 6 weeks of not-so-minor pain.

Oh...and the links for my SGK page, where I will eventually start collecting donations, don't work yet. I still need to register...