Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Cost of Walking

I don't know why, but I added up most of what I spent getting ready for the 3 Day. And...wow.

Six pairs of shoes. Yeah, six. Wore out the first two, got the next two too small, so got two more... $800

Socks, somewhere around 45 pair. Six pairs of Thorlos at $13/pr. Three pairs of Bali (I think that was the brand) at $10/pair. Eighteen pairs of Reebok at $36. And twenty-four pairs of Wrightsocks at $10/pair. $381. On socks.

Camelback (2...one waistpack and one backpack): $20 and $60
Other Waistpack: $10
Water bottles: $10
Cleaning Kit: $15
Sleeping bag: $70
Air mattress: $20
Air pump: $20
Suitcase: $80
Flashlights: $30
Tarp: $10
Blister care: $40

Total: $1566

That doesn't even include odds and ends, the clothing I bought because I didn't really have anything suitable for long walks, or all the burgers, drinks, and frozen yogurt I bought.

Granted, two pairs of the shoes were unnecessary, so I can subtract $280 from the total, but overall...I spent a lot to train and then walk nearly 60 miles.

On the bright side, I have all my stuff for next year, except shoes. So I kind of have to do the whole thing again to make it cost effective.



I'll start training as soon as I have all the feeling back in my feet. It's getting there, slowly but surely.


Black Cat said...

You are a STAR! Can you deduct those expenses? Just wondering...

Journey to DALLAS! said...

Plus one or two GPSs.
So you're doing it again, eh? Start learning the words to some songs!

Chrissie said...

Don't forget all the 'lectricity for the blogging of the training and the walking. And all the water used in the showers to get rid of the ammonia. But, hey! Next year'll be easy-peasy!

Thumper said...

You'll have to come back to SF if you wanna hear me sing...