Friday, September 17, 2010

WooHoo, blister free


I couldn't face the idea of 18 miles in tiny Dixon this morning, so I headed to Vacaville to start at the Factory Outlet stores again. I got there before they opened, so I had a good hour of walking around it by myself, and by the time people started showing up, I decided to wander off the outlet store area and walk around town.

Ok, a little corner of the town. Vacaville is small, but still quite a bit bigger than Dixon.

I made sure I went where there were places to stop.

Like the library.

Which has this spiffy fountain in front of it. It took some self restraint to not take my shoes off and run through it.

It wasn't exactly hot today, but it wasn't exactly cool, either. 85 with humidity...oh yeah, I wanted to run through the fountain.

After I'd looped around the library and wandered down Elmira Road, resisting the lure of the aromas Burger City was putting into the air, I headed back to the outlet stores; I was at 10 miles when I got there and stopped for lunch.

I decided to be different today and not find the nearest McD's for a burger. Instead I opted for Subway...kind of iffy when you have issues with eating and then walking. But I figured I'd stick to the outlets for a while, guaranteeing places to stop if need be.

I ripped the sandwich in  half and stacked the meat on one side...I'm a little weird that way. But a smaller sandwich = less food to screw with me.

Another mile around the stores and I headed home to finish up around here.

Was boring.

Very boring.

I did start to have issues around mile 13; my hip decided enough was enough, and because my gait changed my knee joined in on that around mile 14. But by then I was a couple miles from the car, so there was no point in cutting it short. I timed it so that I would finish at Big Spoon Yogurt, only to find that today is their 5th anniversary special, and the first 100 customers after 5 pm would get free yogurt.

It was 4, and people were already lined up.

I fell to the ground and sobbed and wailed, and then went home to complain loudly to the cats.

They didn't give a damn.

Not that I would exaggerate or anything.

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Meowers from Missouri said...

we're proud fer ya, miss karen!! we sends soft paw massages to you (wifout claws)!!