Friday, September 24, 2010

Taking names


Today's intended distance: 10 miles.
Today's reality: 8 miles.

Not a real worry; I cut it short because when I stopped to change socks and check my feet, I felt the start of a very small blister, and this close to the 3 Day I'm not willing to risk making it worse by continuing on. So I slapped a blister bandage on and headed home, and we'll see what it looks like later. There's 8 miles on the schedule for tomorrow, but again...not gonna risk it if that thing looks like it'll expand.

Now the big thing...

For at least the first day of the walk, I've got this spiffy pink Supergirl cape, and I'm not afraid to wear it. What I'd like to do is write on it the names of people we've lost to breast cancer, and the names of people who have survived it. Uppermost name will be Anne Burkinshaw, a friend of mine (we had the same birthdate!) who lost her battle with breast cancer years ago. I miss her, and walk to walk in her memory.

I'd also like to carry the names of those important to you, including yourself. So if you're a survivor, you've had breast cancer, you lost someone or care about someone who has survived it or is going through treatment for it, and want me to carry their name, just leave a comment with their name, and if you want me to write "in memory of" or "in honor of" with their name.

If the cape proves too unwieldy, I'll also write the names down on either my t-shirt, or even a white handkerchief that I carry in a pocket...but those names will go with me the entire walk.

I will be honored to carry these names with me.


gizzylaw said...

My dear friend Robin Butterfield is fighting breast cancer. Please put her name on your cape. She is very special to me.

Just Ducky said...

I have several,

Mary Dake, my aunt
Christine Hyland my friend
Barb Banner Wrolstad, another friend.

Good idea Thumper and thanks.


Journey to DALLAS! said...

Nice idea Supergirl!
I'm walking for my mom (Muriel Kessler) my friend Cynthia Berman, our friend Bonnie Cordle (Auntie Bee) and Phyllis Solomon. They are all SURVIVORS!!!! If you would like to add their names to your cape ... I'm sure they would be honored!
The countdown is on ...

las794 said...

My aunt Sherrie Enegren is a survivor. And you ARE Supergirl!

Chrissie said...

SuperWabbit, please add GeorgeAnn and Sherry and Lynn to your cape or shirt or whatever. One has survived, one did not and the third is smack in the middle of her fight against this insidious attack on boobies.

Lone Star Purrs said...

Great idea Thunps!!

Could you add:
My Aunts- Lois Sciaretta & Carol Alsid
My BFF's MIL Debbie Kaskela


Thanks and good luck....I'll be thinking 'bout you!
~LSP Momma Becca

Carolina Cats said...

Hi Thumper,

Love your cape idea! You're all super for doing this walk.

Please add for me -- Coach Kay Yow, Leigh Ruckert and Robin Mercer


jenianddean said...

Please add Jeni's Mom, Carolyn DeCamp, to your cape. She lost her battle with breast cancer in 1995 after a strong fight. We miss her every day. Thank you for your dedication to the cause. BTW, I made a donation today (finally).

Roses said...

Something else got her eventually, but my mom, Marian, survived breast cancer in the 80's.
Like a champ.
She never even lost her hair.

She would think it's really awesome that you raised so much money and that you (helped Max) write "those cat books".


Christie Critters said...

Please add
"in memory of Sara Thompson"
she lost her 15 yeear battle just about 3 years ago. She fought well.

iampjs said...

Please add my mom Alice Belcher to your list. She fought several battles with breast cancer before succumbing in 1992. I miss her every day.

Deaney said...

If it's not too late, would you add Katrina Rodriguez. She is my niece and battling breast cancer. She is going through chemo right now and undergoes surgery the beginning of next year. We'll be rootin' for ya!!

Thumper said...

It's definitely not too late! I'll add her name asap!

Deaney said...

Awesome! You rock! :)