Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Straight Up..and up...and up...


If this street wasn't a 50% grade...it sure as hell felt like it. I know it was steeper than it looks from here.

BTW, if you're heading out to tackle the inclinous, don't make the first hill you head up on a freak show of steep.

On the other hand, doing it first gets it out of the way.

After meeting DKM for lunch (YAY!) the Spouse Thingy and I spent about 5 hours walking around San Francisco again. We went up and down the hills streets, and then wandered through the touristy part of China Town.

China Town is, not surprisingly, kind of cool. The streets are crowded with people aiming cameras at the buildings and other people, making it a little difficult to get any speed going, but by then we had taken it down a notch and were doing a lot of looking around, too.

All in all I think we only did 4-5 miles, but my legs felt like a whole lot more after some of those hills, so I call it Good Enough.

I mean, I know I can do distance now, so why the hell not go for some leg strength and the cardio benefits of climbing stretched of asphalt-covered torture?


Journey to DALLAS! said...

Where's the picture of you with DKM?
It's getting close now.
I know we won't have a problem with the inclinous.

Thumper said...

We had the camera and forgot to get pictures!

Guido the Italian Kitty said...

Datsa a mini meowster incline not even a hill! Youza visitors cwack me and myself uppa!

The Furry Bambinos said...

Here in Cleveland, I refer to what locals call "hills" as "slightly inclined planes". In the Oakland section of Pittsburgh, there is one hill known as "Cardiac Hill". Conveniently, the hospitals are located nearby.

How is the Spouse Thingy holding up? We know you can do 65 mph and all ...

Mom Sue to The Furry Bambinos