Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mmm Bop...


8 miles.

8 uneventful miles.

That's a good thing.

I slept in a little, thanks to cats who for whatever reason decided to be nice to me, puttered around a bit, and then headed out. I was a little worried that my feet would hurt like a mofo after yesterday, but other than one little spot on each foot (same place on each foot, even, which tells me it's just how my feet were striking the surface) all was good.

I had some hip pain flare up around mile 6, but that wasn't unexpected.

I stopped at 6.5 for some frozen yogurt, and as I sat there, just outside the door, this guy walked up with his little girl, sho was maybe 5, and as he opened the door he said, "Don't tell Mommy."

LOL hell yeah, you know she told Mommy...

During part of the walk I listened to music, something I usually don't do (they won't let us on the walk, so I figured it wasn't something I wanted to train with. No point getting used to that) and I realized on the last leg that I was walking to the beat of the music. Not a bad thing, but I went from walking at a 20 mile/minute pace to a 15, and peoples, I'm too old for that chit...

I think on Tuesday we're heading back into SF to walk again, maybe scope out the Golden Gate Bridge, and figure out where the night-before-the-walk hotel is. This means we'll drive in, so if you strain and listen carefully, you'll hear a beau-coup* load of swearing riding on the breeze...

*That's French for butt-load. Really!


Journey to DALLAS! said...

Going back to school after summer vacation plus a holiday (or two) thrown in makes for two days of training in the last week until today. Have to get ready for a NYC training walk at 8:30. Train leaves in less than an hour .... It's a 20miler. Will she make it? Stay tuned!

Chrissie said...

Wabbit, just keep walking and don't look back. You're good, you know you are. Plus, you're determined like H-E double hockey sticks, too. There's a whole lotta women dependin' on your walkin' for them and it's them you're doin' it for... mom's gotta go have her boobs squished in a couple days and she'll be thinkin' of you the WHOOOOOOOOLLLLLEEE time!

You rock the walk!