Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm stupid, but I finished...


Thanks Max and his YOU WILL LOVE ME AND LOVE ME RIGHT NOW freak-fest at 4 a.m., combined with Buddah's quest for air conditioning the night before, I was a basket case this morning and when I rolled out of bed, one of my first thoughts (after "Why do I put up with you?" as Max head butted my boobs) was "I am not walking today. Nope. No way."

After I fed the little monsters and had some time to wake up, I pondered just doing a couple of miles. Maybe to the yogurt place and back. that would be doable. Now, I went ahead and filled my Camelback, slapped a blister pad on my foot, got everything ready like I usually do for longer walks. I don't know why; habit I guess.

A mile and a half in, I had a whole bunch of self-defeating chatter going through my head.

  • I feel like crap. I could turn around and go home.
  • Damn, I'm walking slow. Why am I so damned slow?
  • It's gonna get hot. I left late, and it's gonna get hot. I could go home now.
  • I wanna puke.
  • It is hot now..
  • No really, I think I wanna puke...
When the clammy feeling hit, the lightbulb went off in my brain, and I mentally slapped myself in the back of the head. I got everything ready to walk, but I neglected to fuel up; I left the house without having had breakfast, my blood sugar was low, and yeah, I felt like crap.

So I headed for McD's, reasoning that I could still turn around and go home, and by the time I was doneI'd have 3.5 miles, and that's not too bad.

But, kinda like I expected, within 5 minutes of downing the burger and refilling my cheap-assed large drink, I felt much better. So I decided a few more miles wouldn't hurt.

I wandered along my usual route, but when I spotted a bike path from the corner of my eye, I decided to follow it just to be different. It's nice and wide, plenty of room for people on foot and people on bikes or Trikkes, but it's hardly ever used.

I've only been on if a few times, and only pass maybe one other person every time I'm on it.

This is probably why...those cars.

The path runs along I-80 and when there's a lot of traffic--which is most of the time--it's pretty loud. Today wasn't too bad; I passed a guy on a bicycle, wasn't wishing for ear plugs, and at the end of the path is a Carl's Jr with a conveniently located restroom.

I availed myself of the opportunity and headed back out...and realized after a few minutes that I had paused my Garmin and not turned it back on. So I turned around and walked back, guessing it was about a quarter of a mile, and mentally rewarded myself a bonus point for nailing it. I headed back up the bike path and continued on, trying to figure out what mileage I'd be at by the time I got back around to the yogurt place.

6.5 miles. Perfect.

From there it's a mile and a half home...which would give me 8 miles in total. Considering I wasn't planning on walking at all, and then was going to cut it short, I impressed myself.

Yeah, I'm easy that way.

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Journey to DALLAS! said...

Not at all!
Nice walk!