Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Countdown Begins...


Just one more month. This time a month from now, the first day of walking should be over, or close to it. I'm still scared to death about the whole thing, but my concerns have shifted.

I'm no longer worried about being able to walk 60 miles in 3 days. I'll either do it, or I won't. I'll either have to hop on the van that carts people from where they're at to the next pit stop, or I won't. My feet will hold up, or they won't.

I'm thinking the distance will be fine, and my feet will be fine. Which is why my brain is now drifting to some fairly valid concerns that I can do nothing about. Things that will either happen, or they won't.

Thumper + food + walking = bad idea, most of the time. In the TMI arena, you take someone with IBS characterized by the wonderfully medical sounding 'dumping syndrome,' stick food in them, and then have them do much of anything...well, you can surely imagine. It's not pretty. Breakfast and lunch will be problematic; even moreso if there are any mushrooms within sight of my food. Kiwi, mango, black olives...that would be unpleasant.

I don't want to walk 60 miles and then die because I didn't realize I was eating a mushroom.

(No worries for real..I don't get anaphylaxis, just really really sick...at least with the mushroom. Mango, that might kill me...)

Food issues in general...there are too many things I can eat but shouldn't because of the way they attack my gut. Whoever winds up in a tent with me better pray there are choices that don't require me to eat a banana. I love the damn things, but they do not love me in return.

Then there's the whole diabetes insipidus thing. The DDAVP I'm on right now, tablet form, doesn't work especially well--which normally for me is a good thing, because it means I don't wind up carrying an extra 10 pounds of fluid--so I'm always a little bit thirsty and pee like a pregnant woman. I plan in taking the nasal spray version with me, and that works really well. Too well. I won't feel thirsty and I won't pee as much as I probably should...and I'll hold onto too much water.

Chances are I'll end this walk 12-15 pounds heavier than when I start. That will not make me happy...I'll know it's water weight and it'll come off over the following 2-3 weeks, but still. How many people walk 60 miles and pork out? This people, that's who.

I have to admit, though, more than any worries popping up in my brain, I'm getting excited. I get to meet people! I get to annoy new people! I get to make new people look at each other and mutter, "WTF?"

That's always a good time. Yep ;)

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