Thursday, September 30, 2010

and we're waiting, waiting...

Killing time until we hop in the car and head for SF; it seems a little surreal that the walk is tomorrow, that after all the time training, it's finally here.

As long as my feet hold out, I think I'll be fine. Blisters are my main worry, followed by movement-induced food intolerance and not knowing my tent mate. But mostly, blisters.

Out of curiosity, I pulled out the Garmin and checked the history. Since my first training walk on May 11, I've logged in just a little under 600 miles and burned through 65,000 calories.

You'd think I would have lost a few pounds, but no. I may actually be up a pound or two.

Still... It's been an amazing thing to do, something I never thought I'd even try.

Onward to San Francisco.


The Meezers or Billy said...

you will do PAWSOME!!! YOU ROCK Thumper!!!!

Chrissie said...

I'll be thinkin' of ya, Thump and purrayin' your feet hold out. Thank you for doing this. Thank you for representing us. You're gonna ROCK THAT WALK!!!!

Deaney said...

Will be thinking about you this weekend. Think they will put any of it on the news? You've trained hard for this, you are amazing!!

Just Ducky said...

Good luck Thumper, you can do it.