Friday, August 20, 2010

And we're walking, walking...


Alrighty...so yesterday I did 6 miles.

Nothing special.

Nothing spectacular.

This is good. Because I did six miles without any new blisters and without any weird pain. There was a little tugging right around where the blisters were, but that's it. Just a little tugging.

I didn't do any special prep--I wore the new Wrightsocks double layer running socks and some antiperspirant  on my feet, but that's it. No Moleskin, no blister bandages (though I did have both on hand, just in case.)

Tomorrow...17 miles. I'll take 3 extra pairs of the spiffy new socks along and change every 5 miles. and I'll add Body Glide to the prep, but I won't cover anything with Moleskin unless it seems like I need to along the way.

I'm also intending on eating my way through town...those calories don't count, right? RIGHT?

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Journey to DALLAS! said...

Thought i'd be walking every day here in Provincetown but i took the last two days off because i have had serious problems with my feet... Will be seeing the orthopedist when i get home. Cant even put on my new size 8s...YIKES!!!
Proud of you!