Thursday, July 1, 2010


Yep, the winner of the GoWear Fit Lifestyle Management thingy has been selected. Was it you? Do you ride the Galdius's white & blue cousin? Go see at Rockin' the Pink.

I dragged myself up a little early this morning and hit the pavement. Fine, not literally... But I set out intending to go 5 miles, intentionally going a little light in light of tomorrow's Long Assed Walk, but I sort of lost track of where I was along the way and realized when I was approaching McD's for my cheap, cheap drink that I'd already done 4.5, and it's a mile and a half from there to home.

That's not, like, a complaint, it just is what it is. And it's actually kind of good, that 4.5 was mostly nothing, and 6 was No Big Freaking Deal. Because trust me, a month ago, it was a Huge Freaking Deal.

Tomorrow is 11-12 miles. Now that...that's a big deal...


Roberta said...

That's so funny how we think 6 miles is no big deal.
11 miles tomorrow? In this humidity? I have to find a new route ... since this one is 6 or less.
Continue to state facts. It's not complaining!

Andrea Fuentes said...

Yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy I won!! I think it's me anyway, with the blue and white Suzuki GSXR!

Hey you know what, it's easier to ride it 11 miles than walk ... just saying.