Tuesday, July 20, 2010



The Ramps of Doom

These are evacuation ramps at the hospital in which the Spouse Thingy works. There are 16 of them, two per story of the building, and he occasionally walks them at night when he's not doing a case, just for jollies.

Because Dixon is so freaking flat, and I need to starting walking some decent inclines, he took me there today.

Oh holy...

I am not in ramp shape. I am in flatland shape. When I walk around town my heart rate is usually around 110, sometimes in the 120s if I really push it. I got on those ramps and my HR went up into the 130s, and when I finally cried Uncle, the 140s.

I kept my usual walking pace, but it didn't take long for my calves to start complaining and for my lungs to issue a resound WTF?

We went up three times and down three times, then walked to the cafeteria one more floor down to sit and get a drink. The idea was to go back, but after sitting for a few minutes, I realized that if I wanted to be able to walk tomorrow, I needed to stop.

The Spouse Thingy did try to make me feel better about it, and swears that the first time he walked the ramps, he only went up and down once, and after doing it for over a year, he's only done it 4 times without stopping, coming back later to do it twice more.

This may be my cross training for a while; on his days off making the drive to walk the ramps. I'd go without him, but they're located in an employees-only area, and it wouldn't be the greatest idea to get his in trouble just because I want to make use of their ramps. I may have to shift my days around, but I'd like to get there twice a week, and be able to walk them a good 10 times without stopping.

Three times up and down is only, btw, 1.07 miles.

My asterisk was kicked by 1.07 miles.

At least I got a Diet Mountain Dew and some pretzels out of it.


Peace said...

What a fantastic idea, ramps! I always hated the idea that in the event of earthquake, flood or fire we would be "evacuated in place" in other words stuck on one of the tower floors taking care of patients till the all clear or orders to evacuate and then anyone in a bed would be left till we could get all the ambulatory patients down the stairs. Ramps, neato.

mister jeter harris, hizself said...

Re: the hotel. There is a host hotel the night before the event. Buses are there the next morning to take us to the Cow Palace (I'm assuming that's our opening ceremony location.) I was thinking of possibly staying at another hotel (where I'll stay Sunday after the event.) I don't know yet. Don't worry, though. You won't be alone!
More later ...
I don't love inclines ... but it's good to get used to that. After all, we ARE walking in San Francisco!
(oh duhr ... I'm writing this as mister jeter harris hizself.
oh well.