Friday, July 30, 2010



Ok, so the foot felt fine when I got up today.

Smeared the Glide on, put on socks and shoes, it felt fine.

Walked, it was feeling fine.

Hit 4 miles, and hmmm, doesn't feel quite as fine.

But, I was only planning on 5 miles, so I headed home and hit the door at 5.05, peeled off the shoes and socks, and looked... same damned spot, a little bit red, a little uncomfortable.

So, I dunno...Since it happens in different shoes, I'm guessing it's the way my foot strikes the ground, or more likely as I rotate through the step, the way I push off the ground with that foot. I'm not sure what's different--a few weeks ago I was doing 8-9 miles a day without any problems.

We'll see how it goes tomorrow...I have 8-9 planned, but am also walking a route that will get me home in fewer if need be.


Journey to DALLAS! said...

what happened to my comment?????
it said:
hmmmm ... I wonder what that can be. Do you have an orthopedist? I have assorted spots on both feet (especially the right foot and doesn't that make sense ... I'm right footed) that can be troublesome.

Mila said...

If not a foot doctor maybe a dermatologist? This really does sound like it's getting the point of needing a medical opinion before you get an infection.

Good luck, Thumper, we're rooting for you!

Peace said...

Thump the wound might not have been as healed as you thought. It can look okay on the outside and still be doing repairs under the surface.