Friday, July 16, 2010

The pain...the pain...


I dragged my sorry asterisk up at 6:15 in the freaking morning. SIX-FIFTEEN, PEOPLES! It wasn't masochism; the talking heads doing weather on TV all agreed, today would be wicked hot. 100+

So I got up. And I was out the door by 7:15.

The first six miles...not bad at all. It was pleasant out, and I kept finding all kinds of shade to walk in. Some road construction forced me into turning right when I wanted to turn left, but hey, a new route! I wound up near Burger King at six miles and went inside for a short break (read: it was .2 miles closer than McD's and I seriously had to pee...) and sat there listening to a group of old people dissect my appearance. They concluded I was probably homeless--I only spent $1 there, after all, and I was kind of grimy looking--and debated whether or not it would be offensive to offer to buy me some breakfast, but before they could come to a conclusion, I got up and went outside to peek at my feet and slap some Moleskin on.

I made a mental note to sweat in a less grimy fashion from now on, though.

The next few miles...not bad at all. It was definitely warming up, but by then I was at the park, where there were lots of trees and some shade to walk through.

At 10.5 miles I was feeling a little warm, but hey! Frozen Yogurt RIGHT THERE! How fortunate I just HAPPENED to wind up there right when I was thinking about taking a short break!

But then the ugly started to happen.

At 10.75 miles, the road construction dudes totally blocked the direction I wanted to head towards home, and pointed me down a road I did not wish to walk. There was no shade down that road, the sun was beating down, and the temperature was now at Um, Only Morons Are Out Walking Now.

It would also, I figured, add another mile onto this walk.

At 11 miles, I was swearing under my breath, but hey! A street I forgot about that cuts through right in front of me! So I turned left and was almost happy with the thought that at least I was not going to walk an extra mile.

But my heart rate was up, I was mouth breathing, I was miserable, and I just wanted to get home.

At 11.5 miles, I was looking around me to see if there were people nearby, just in case. I realized the park was just ahead, so instead of going right I went left--same distance--because I knew there would be people wit their spawn at the park, and wouldn't it just make everyone's day if I DROPPED DEAD right in front of the KIDS???

At 11.75 miles I was at the park, muttering to myself, doing a lot of self assessment--HR still higher than usual, but not too high; still mouth breathing but not too hard; I was still sweating and not thirsty--and thinking it had to be 98-99 degrees.

I hit the door right at 12 miles (the GPS thingy says 11.78, but there was that .25-.33 miles where I had the damned thing paused because I are teh SmaRt) and headed straight for the shower--man, that was gross peeling off sweat soaked clothes--but even after that I was still sweating.

So I checked the thermometer. And then weather.com. Just to see how hard core I am, how much of the hot I can take.

90 degrees.

I am such a warm weather weenie.

The good news is that it wasn't the distance that got me, it was the fiery furnaces of hell that were blasting down. Because truly, 90 degrees without shade, that's got to be at least an outer circle, right?

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Journey to DALLAS! said...

First may I say that I am so proud of your 6:15 wake up. Of course, you WILL wake up earlier on event! (hahaha!) Second may I say I feel your pain. The heat is killer. Hope San Francisco is just as beautiful this year as it was last year. I was hoping I didn't smell when Rose and I stopped for lunch at Lindy's yesterday. Oh, who cares. The place was crazy with tourists anyway!

Great job Thump. Keep walking!