Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New shoes. new shoes...


All righty.

In the interest of not letting my foot split open like an over ripe melon, I pretty much stayed off it on Sunday and Monday. Although I did slap some shoes on yesterday afternoon to go to Sports Chalet and buy some new ones...

...and I really hope I didn't make a $140 mistake. I walked for less than half a mile last night to see how they felt outside the store, and I was thinking I may have blow it. The right shoe rubbed my ankle funny and the nail on my big toe kept catching a seam...not terribly impressive.

I swear, they fit fine in the store...

This morning I slipped them on and headed out for a shortish walk; at .25 miles I stopped long enough to relace them to reduce heel slippage (and that worked) and my toenail wasn't catching on anything, so off I went.

These shoes feel quite nice on my feet, but I still have the hot spot. Right now I think that's less a product of the shoes and more an issue of not being completely healed yet. I did a little over 5 miles and it wasn't bothersome until I got home and took my shoes off...then it was damn!

But, they do feel nice on my feet. The kid in Sports Chalet recommended a men's shoe since I have freakishly wide feet, checked whether or not I have any pronation (I am neutral, thank you veddy much) and recommended a shoe with cushioning right where my biggest issues lie.

So, we'll see. I'm not sure how far or if I'll walk in the morning. I want to give that spot a little more time to settle. It's not raised in a blister at the moment, but it is touchy. And I would like to be able to hit a high mileage day either Friday or Saturday and again the next day, to not lose too much training ground.


Andrea Fuentes said...

Glad it's a little better... dont' rush it and let your foot heal! I had some horrible blisters... it was an all night basketball tournament for charity and we kept WINNING... 8 games later... you don't want to know!!



Stacie said...

I really LOVE my Saucony tennis shoes. (I guess they're not technically called "tennis shoes" any more, but you know what I mean.)They are made to fit the wider foot comfortably. I said to my husband "These shoes are so comfy; I could walk to the moon in them!" His response "Maybe you should. We'll write a story about it, and make a ton of money!"


Thumper said...

I liked my Sauconys...didn't like the way my feet got chewed up in them. Different shoes for different feet...my feet are so freaking sensitive I'm surprised they don't need therapy.

Journey to DALLAS! said...

I was measured by a real pro 11 years ago when I did my first walk. I have a "freakishly wide foot" and a man's size 8B was recommended. It's the only shoe I've worn ... and I'm waiting for my next pair to arrive from Joe's New Balance (a discount online store.) I paid over 100.00 for the first pair ... now I pay 80.00+ They're not beautiful ... but they fit, and they're comfortable. If the shoes you bought aren't right, return them. The store should take them back.
This has not been a lecture.

SF Crazy Cat Lady said...

I bought 2 pairs of New Balance 993s and I love them. They were comfortable the day I put them on and I've walked as far as 6 miles in them and no blisters. They weren't cheap - $120 on sale at Nordy's but worth it.

I've been told that keeping your feet dry is key - changing your socks often can really help. Not a big issue in SF where we are freezing our butts off right now but Karen I know it's hot where you live.

Mrs. Harris perhaps you can add your expertise here?


Christie Critters said...

Funny, the shoes that finally worked for my feet were $140 also...go figure.

Peace said...

So my question is when are the shoe companies gonna get it and stop making women buy men's shoes to fit their "freakishly wide feet" New Balance does have a couple shoes for women built on a pattern with a wider toe box but why does that have to be so freaking hard to get fitted???? Okay, done..... Hope these new shoes help. Would the trikke be easier on your hot spot than the walking? Is there shearing stress using the trikke?

Thumper said...

Problem is, until that place on my foot is fully healed I won't really know if the shoes are right or not. They feel nice on my feet if I'm not moving ;) And if nothing else, they'll be decent everyday shoes, which I need.

Peace, I'm not sure I can Trikke without putting pressure on that hot spot. There's a bit of a skating motion involved that might pull skin in directions it might not want to go.

Peace said...

Yeah, that was my wondering. With the layers separated, sideways pulling can make the damaged area bigger. Best not if there is a risk.