Friday, July 23, 2010

Lucky 13?


I dreaded today. Twelve miles kicked my asterisk last week, and I wasn't sure how I'd be able to pull off thirteen. Twelve was my giant wall, the point of No More, and I was about to walk face first into it.

But...I got up this morning and decided to not think of thirteen miles. I was going to start with three, then stop to grab a drink and munch on a granola bar. I planned after that to go five more, then stop for lunch at 8 miles total, but at 6.5 I had to sit on a bench in the park to address some feet issues.

I have a particularly bothersome hot spot on my left foot; the Moleskin wasn't helping at all, so I slapped a blister bandage on it, waited a couple of minutes, and got back on my way. I stopped at 9 miles for lunch, then decided just 2.5 more and I could stop at the frozen yogurt place.

That would put me 1.5 miles from home...for a total of 13.

Yep, I molded today's walk around the idea of eating my way through Dixon.

But, it worked. By mentally breaking the walk up into smaller chunks, it wasn't this overwhelming idea of walking further than I ever had before. It was just going to get a drink, then going for lunch, then going for dessert, and getting home.

Because I had to stop to take care of my feet, I took longer breaks than I intended, but my total walking time was 13 miles in 4 hours 16 minutes.

I'm not sure how my feet will be in the morning, but I'm planning on 9 miles...we'll see how well that goes.


Journey to DALLAS! said...

a 20 minute mile = 3 miles per hour
3 miles x 4 hours = 12 miles
wow! you did a 16 minute mile?
you're fast!
Tomorrow is supposed to be my big walk ... but we have been invited to the Hamptons and I have to be home in time for a 12 noon departure.
I'll do what I can in the time I have.
The end

gizzylaw said...

Proud! We are very, very proud!

Thumper said...

I don't think I did a 16 minute mile...just averaged 3.2 mph and mostly held to that pace. Sometimes I went a little faster, sometimes a little slower. And it doesn't count any breaks.

I got up to 5 mph once when I had to start running across a street to avoid getting run over by a soccer mom on her cell phone...

I'm not fast...but I'm not nearly as slow as I was 6 weeks ago. I got passed and smoked by an old lady who was headed for McD's at the same time I was. I think she got there 5 minutes before I did, but she didn't point and laugh...