Thursday, July 15, 2010



Shouka 2I have no idea exactly how far I walked yesterday, but I'm guessing it was between 4-5 miles.

I mean, I got up yesterday morning fully intending to hit the pavement and crank out 5 zippy miles, but the weather was nice and we have season passes to Six Flags, so we headed there instead.

Other than a 15 minute killer whale show and a 20 minute dolphin show, plus a raft ride, we mostly walked. So it totally counts.

This morning I got up thinking in terms of cross training, and since I haven't gotten on my Trikke lately--like 6+ weeks--I decided that would be an awesome 45 minute workout.

Um, yeah.

I have lost all my Trikking endurance, and 20 minutes kicked my ass. But, it was 20 minutes with my HR in the 150s, which is going to count. I'll work on getting my endurance back on that thing sooner or later.

Tomorrow is 12 miles; part of it might have to be done inside on the treadmill, because it's supposed to get stupid hot, and I'm not quite stupid enough to stay out there when it's over 100. How far I go outside will depend on how early I drag my sorry asterisk up in the morning.

Don't forget, tonight at about 10 pm Pacific Time I'm drawing the winner of the Amazon Kindle!

And because you people are so freaking awesome,


You totally rock the pink.

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Journey to DALLAS! said...

You are FANTASTIC! Going to help my daughter find an apartment in the city tomorrow so there will be no training, but plenty of walking. Big training walk with "Burt's Babes" sunday. Can't wait to call out the miles using my forerunner!
Good luck to all readers tonight!